Investing in stocks is often a lucrative financial practice. Investors no longer need to use brokers to invest in shares and other securities. With an online trading account, this becomes easier, simpler, and more convenient.

Benefits of a Trading account

  • Single Accessibility:

    By opting for the best trading account in India, investors can procure accessibility to all the stock exchanges across the country through a single platform. Some of these exchanges include the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), and the National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX).

  • Flexibility:

    Account holders can access their online trading accounts from anywhere, at any point in time. With browser and application-based trading platforms, trading accounts can be accessed through a computer, laptop, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

  • Seamless Transactions:

    The advanced technology ensures clients receive seamless transactional capabilities. The entire process of transfer of funds and equities is completed without any hiccups. This provides clients the ability to invest and save with convenience and ease, using a secure trading platform.

  • Access to Reliable Research:

    To succeed in equity and other investing, having access to reliable research reports prepared by experienced and knowledgeable professionals is extremely helpful. Such reports are often supplied by the service providers, which makes it easier to make informed investment decisions. This can significantly increase the possibility of earning higher profits through investments.

  • Personalization and Alerts:

    Customers can access personalized customer support from trained executives in case they are facing any technical issues with their trading accounts. Moreover, clients can set personal alerts through messaging or emails, which means they do not miss out on their buy and sell targets.

  • Multiple Media:

    Placing orders through the online account is beneficial in streamlining the entire process. The different ways of accessing the account allow an investor to trade during market hours as well after-market hours, if the need so arises.

How to Place a Buy Order?

  • Login to the trading account and place the order to buy the shares through one of the stock markets
  • The transaction is processed by the selected exchange and is based on the price and other factors. The transaction is then completed
  • At the time of settlement, shares are directly credited into the Demat account linked to the trading account

Selling Shares

  • Select the shares and quantity to sell from the stock holdings
  • Place the order on the selected stock exchange
  • Transaction is processed by the equity exchange
  • Shares are directly debited from the linked Demat account

Open a Trading account

  • Select a firm or broker
  • Make a comparison on the service offerings and brokerage charges
  • Contact the selected service provider
  • Submit application form and related documents (proof of address and identity)
  • Undergo the verification procedure
  • Avail the trading account details
  • Start transacting