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    What is Insurance?

    Insurance may be a legal agreement between a person and the insurance firm, under which, the insurer promises to provide financial coverage (Sum assured) against contingencies for an amount (premium).
    In life, unplanned expenses are a bitter truth. Even once you think that you simply are financially secure, a sudden betting on the extent of the emergency, such instances can also leave you debt-ridden.
    While you can’t plan ahead for contingencies arising from such incidents, insurance policies offer a semblance of support to attenuate financial liability from unforeseen occurrences.

    In life, any unexpected situation can disrupt your family’s well-being. For such scenarios, differing kinds of health, life, term and general insurance policies are available in India that provide comprehensive financial protection to your loved ones and yourself. At an equivalent time, you’ll choose an insurance cover to protect your assets and property. However, before purchasing an policy , it’s imperative to know the various types of insurance policies then choose those that align with your needs.

    Types of Insurance Policies in India

    Home Insurance

    Health insurance

    Motor insurance

    Life Insurance

    Term Insurance

    Buy Online Home Insurance

    Your house is that cozy place where your heart lies, your memories are treasured, and an area where you are feeling safe. While your happy home protects you, it needs protection too. If your home gets damaged due to natural calamities or your belongings are broken or stolen, a home insurance plan is often the protection you need to cover the value. Whether you rent or own your apartment, if it’s damaged or your belongings are broken or stolen, repairing the structure and repurchasing the property may drain your hard-earned money. that’s once you need home insurance to decide to cover the losses.

    Benefits of Home/Property Insurance

    Living Cost Coverage

    In case your house is damaged because of a natural disaster or a manmade one, your insurance cover will lookout of your additional living expenses. as an example, if you shift your base to a lodge or a hotel till your house is repaired.



    If your property exists during a neighborhood vulnerable to theft and burglaries, such a policy is critical to form sure financial security.

    Protection against Fires

    While the insurance cannot prevent fires, it can prevent financial liabilities from such an occasion.


    Floods can ravage your property resulting in substantial losses. Property insurance also protects against such events.

    Buy Online Health insurance

    Health insurance or medical insurance may be a kind of general insurance that safeguards you against financial losses by covering for you when you’re faced with a health condition or medical emergency such as a disease, illness, or perhaps an accident.

        Health insurance provides financial assistance to policyholders when they are admitted to hospitals for treatment. Additionally, some plans also cover the price of treatment undertaken reception, before hospitalization, or after discharge from an equivalent. Think of it like that one friend who you recognize will always be there for you whenever you’re sick or perhaps just feeling low.

    Benefits of Health Insurance

    After assessing the numerous varieties of insurance available, you would like to be wondering why availing such a thought is very important for you and your loved ones. inspect the reasons listed below to understand why.

    Cashless Claim

    If you seek treatment at one of the hospitals that have tie-ups together with your insurance provider, you’ll avail of a cashless claim benefit.

    Coverage against medical expenses

    The main purpose of medical insurance is to receive the most effective treatment with no strain on your finances. insurance plans offer protection against high medical costs.

    Portability Benefits

    Health insurance portability allows the policyholders to transfer their existing insurance policy to a replacement insurance provider. It safeguards customers from being taken without any consideration by the insurance companies, thereby giving them flexibility and offering them better options just in case they’re not satisfied with their existing health insurance plans.

    Buy Online Motor insurance

    Motor insurance refers to policies that provide financial assistance in the event of accidents involving your car or bike. Motor insurance is often availed for 3 categories of motor vehicles, including:

    Commercial Vehicle Insurance – If you own a vehicle that’s used commercially, you would like to avail of insurance for an equivalent. These policies make sure that your business automobiles stay in the better of shape, reducing losses significantly.

    car insurance – Personally owned four-wheeler vehicles are covered under such a policy.

    Two-wheeler Insurance – Personally owned two-wheeler vehicles, including bikes and scooters, are covered under these plans.

    Benefits of Motor Insurance

    Cars and bikes are increasingly costlier with each passing day. At such a time, staying without proper insurance can cause severe monetary losses for the owner. Listed below are some advantages of buying such a plan.

    Theft/loss cover

    If your vehicle is stolen, your policy will assist you to reclaim a portion of the car/bike’s on-road price. you’ll expect similar assistance if your vehicle is broken beyond repair because of accidents.

    Prevents Legal Hassle

    Helps you avoid any traffic fines and other legalities that you simply would otherwise get to bear.

    Financial Assistance to Repair Your own Vehicle

    Financial Assistance to Repair Your own Vehicle – After accidents, you would like to spend considerable sums on repairing your own vehicle. Insurance plans limit such out-of-pocket expenses, allowing you to undertake repairs immediately

    Third party liabilities

    If your vehicle is involved in an accident that leads to damage or loss to the property of any third parties, it’s covered under the insurance. Furthermore, if you face any legal liabilities just in case of any bodily injury or death of a 3rd party, your insurance protects you against an equivalent .

    Buy Online Life Insurance

    Life Insurance refers to a policy or cover whereby the policyholder can ensure financial freedom for his/her members of the family after death. Suppose you’re the only earning member in your family, supporting your spouse and kids.
    In such an incident, your death would financially devastate the entire family. life insurance policies make sure that such a thing doesn’t happen by providing financial assistance to your family in the event of your passing.

    It is often the best thing that brings the foremost happiness in life. Why should life insurance be any different? We, at PR Wealth Growers, constantly try and create solutions to make life insurance plans easy, affordable, and suitable for each stage of your life. At an equivalent time, each day, we are working to make the claims process quick and simpler for your family.

    Benefits of Life Insurance

    Encourages Saving Habit

    Since you would like to pay policy premiums, buying such a policy promotes the habit of saving money.

    Tax Benefits

    If you pay life insurance premiums, you’re eligible for tax benefits in India, under Section 80(C) and 10(10D) of the income tax Act. Thus, you’ll save a considerable sum of money as taxes by choosing a life insurance plan.

    Secures Family’s Financial Future

    The policy ensures your family’s financial independence is maintained even after your demise.

    Helps Plan Your Retirement

    Certain life insurance policies also act as investment options. as an example, pension plans offer a lump-sum payout as soon as you retire, helping you to fund your retirement.

    Buy Online Term Insurance

    Term insurance may be a pure life insurance product, which provides financial protection to the policyholder. just in case of death of the insured during the policy period, the beneficiary receives a benefit as defined under the chosen term insurance plan.

    Benefits of Term Insurance

    To Protect Assets

    You might have built assets like a home, office, or vehicles through loans. With a term insurance plan by your side, you’ll make sure that a load of these borrowings won’t cause any hardship to your loved ones after you.

    To Stay Prepared for Uncertainties

    Uncertainties in life can make or mar our lives in unprecedented ways. this will be understood while witnessing the present global Coronavirus pandemic. What a term plan does best is that it makes us stay prepared for such eventualities. you’ll select a major life cover at a reasonable premium under a term insurance plan

    To pay off my loans

    If you’ve got any big liabilities like home/car/personal loans then you need to buy a term plan. A Term Plan will provide financial security to your family by providing a lump sum payout in your absence