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F&O Trading Account

F&O Trading Account allows you to trade in futures and options (F&O) segments. F&O contracts are derivative instruments trading on the stock exchange. Assets can be securities, commodities, or currencies. Its value varies with the worth of the underlying asset. The size of the contract or lot is set.

Futures contract: this suggests you agree to buy or sell the underlying security on the 'future' date. If you purchase the contract, you promise to pay the worth at a specified time. If you sell it, you'll need to transfer the customer at a specified price in the future. Open futures trading account to start out a trade.

Option Contract: It empowers the client to buy or sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price, within or at the top of a specified period. However, he is not obliged to try to do so. When the client exercises his right, the vendor of an option is obliged to arrange it. open options trading account to start a trade.

How to open an F&O Trading account

To begin an f&o account, you’ll need to submit a ‘Client Registration Form’ alongside other SEBI mandated documents. As you’ll already know, SEBI is that the regulator for the securities market in India. Documents include an account opening form and relevant Know Your Client (KYC) verification proofs.


The first step is to fill the Account Opening Form. This can be done at PR Wealth Growers offices or click the below button to open an online account.


Photo ID proof: PAN card/Voter's ID/Passport/Driving license/Aadhaar card., etc.


Address proof can be any one of these: Telephone bill/Electricity bill/Bank statement/Ration card/ Passport/Voter's ID/Registered lease or sale agreement/Driving license.


Financial proof: Apart from a bank statement, you can provide any of the following: (Copy of ITR Acknowledgement, Annual Accounts, Form 16 in case of salary income, Net worth certificate, Salary Slip, Demat account Holding statement)


Congrats once you verified, you will get your account details.

Benefits of F&O Trading

It helps in protecting against the uncertainties of future prices.

Since the margin requirement is very low, it allows high trade risk.

Despite market conditions, anyone can make money.

It gives a time gain of up to 3 months at the rate of 1-3 days offered in other margin products.

"Investment is most successful when it is most businesslike. "

– Ben Graham