Share trading is about buying and selling shares in the stock exchange. Online trading is when shares are traded using a computer and Internet connection with Demat account and trading account.

Tips for Online Stock Trading

Start Small:

Stock traders (especially beginners) must invest only a small amount of capital. Thus, if there are any losses in the beginning, at least your trading spirit will not be broken as you would have only lost a small amount.

Know the Basics:

Studying the basics of the stock market and online trading is important. If you are not aware of the working of stock market, basic terminologies, and the type of trades, you may end up placing wrong orders.

Do the Research:

Gaining some insight to technical and fundamental analysis to choose the right stocks for investing is advisable. Without the necessary research, your decisions to trade would be based on impulse, thus making the outcome of trade truly unpredictable.

Stick to few Sectors:

Traders must limit their interests to a few sectors, and staying updated about all the occurrences in these is beneficial. Always go through news and financial reports of the companies you have chosen in a particular sector. This helps in planning a strategy and executing the trade.

Use Trading Tools:

Using various tools, such as Stock watchlist, charting tools, alerts, and other related resources will help traders make the right investment decisions. Using these tools will help you make informed decision rather than those based on gut feeling.